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Parks & Recreation

Park Rules

Weston Code Title XVII
Section 174.30 – 174.35


  • Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk

  • Shelters are First Come, First Serve.  To reserve call 419-669-3224.

  • Vandals will be prosecuted.

  • Clean up trash.  No littering!

  • Adult supervision recommended.

  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco use.

  • No fires, fireworks or explosives.

  • All domestic animals must be on a leash.

  • No overnight parking.

  • Use playground at your own risk.

Michael Merrill Park

20775 Taylor Street

BBQ Grill, Bike Rack, Maintained Lawn, Park Bench, Parking Lot, Reservable Picnic Shelter w/ Electric, Picnic Tables, Play Structure, Small Monument Plaque, Swings

The Reservoir is located to the West of the drive of the Emergency Services Building, which is open to Catch-and-Release Fishing.  For your Safety: No Fishing after sunset or before sunrise, No Swimming, No Motorized Vehicles, No Motorized Boating

Old Schoolhouse Park

20320 Walnut Street

Bike Rack, Maintained Lawn, Park Bench, Parking Lot, Reservable Picnic Shelter, Picnic Tables, Play Structures, Slide, Monkey Bars, Spider Web Climber, Memorial, Swings

Alumni Park

13180 Broadway Avenue

Baseball Diamonds, Basketball Court, Bike Rack, Green Space, Maintained Lawn, Park Bench, Parking Lot, Picnic Tables, Play Structures, Memorial, Swings, Walking, Recycling Location

Do you enjoy parks, recreation, and/or events?  There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to fit into your schedule or interest.  Some of the things you can be involved in include Weston Youth League, Halloween Party & Costume Contest, Christmas Party & Tree Lighting, Earth Day, Summer Activities ...and much more.  For more information about Parks & Recreation contact the Village Clerk at  Rec board meets at the Village Hall every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30PM.  Find Weston Parks & Recreation on Facebook. 

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