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Administrative Process

This committee oversees budgetary matters (Revenue/Budget Appropriations)t, axes & assessments, expenditures, administrative issues (to ensure compliance with state and federal law), grants, and contracts. This committee also reviews policies put into place by the Finance Officer, and provide assistance to the Mayor in matters involving any personnel processes (wages, benefits, employee relations).

Meets 2nd Mondays at 6PM 
at the Village Hall (13234 Main Street, Weston)

Public Works

This committee oversees improvement plans of streets, sidewalks, storm sewer, public property (maintenance and growth of Village lands/public spaces), planting and maintenance of trees, assist the Mayor in implementing and updating Public Works policies, and implement a general public infrastructure plan.

Meets 4th Tuesdays at 6PM
at the Village Hall (13234 Main Street, Weston)

Public Safety

This committee acts as a liaison to the EMS program, assist in issues regarding traffic safety, maintain correspondence with the WC Sheriff's Department regarding issues related to the safety of the village, assist the Mayor in implementing and updating other Safety Policies, and implement and update a general Safety Infrastructure Plan.

Meets 4th Thursdays at 5:30PM
at the Emergency Services Building (20761 Taylor Street, Weston)

Community Development & Public Affairs

This committee oversees matters involving Village Municipal Regulations (Weston Code), identifies and supports efforts of revitalization/beautification of the Village, service as liaisons (points of contact) to Weston Community Groups, and discuss other matters of public affairs and development inside the community as recommended by the Mayor.

Meets 3rd Thursdays at 5PM
at the Village Hall (13234 Main Street, Weston)

Weston Sports Initiative Board

WSIB is a volunteer board for Youth and Adult sports that is structured in a similar way to a 5013 non-profit organization in order to ensure the future transition into a citizen-led and citizen-funded organization.

Board Members:

Ken Myers
Dennis Sauter
LuAnn Hunt
Jeanettie Zamarripa
Jerrod Parsell

Council Representative(s) to the Board: Brittney Klockowski

Meets as needed

R.I.T.A Income Tax Board of Appeals

The board of tax review or board of tax appeals is responsible for hearing appeals of income tax matters under section 21 of the Weston Income Tax Ordinance (

Board Members:

Sarah Schroeder

Diane Hillier

Kathy Heyman

Council Representative(s) to the Board: Rob Myerholtz

Meets as needed

Cemetery Board of Trustees

The cemetery board of trustees is a board that oversees the Weston Cemetery.

Board Members:

Diane Hillier
Term Expires: 12/31/2025

Robin Kaiser
Term Expires: 12/31/2027

Dawn Blandy
Term Expires: 12/31/2023

Jodie Domer

Council Representative(s) to the Board: Jessica Susor

Meets 1st Thursday at 6PM

Records Commission

The Records Commission provides rules for retention and disposal of records and ensures that proper procedures are followed for scheduling and disposing of records. Revises and reviews retention schedules and disposal requests submitted for the local government represented. Local records commissions are mandated and governed by Ohio Revised Code section 149.39.

Board Members:

Mayor/Appointed Rep
Fiscal Officer

Legal Counsel

Council Representative(s) to the Commission: Rob Myerholtz

Meets as needed

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for the duties listed under section 8 of the Zoning Ordinance #19-97 and other duties as specified in ORC

Commission Members:

Mayor- Jeremy Schroeder

Councilmember- Rick Easterwood

Residents: Bob Desmond, Sue Clanton, Shirley Moore

Meets as needed

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